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Donate to West Coast Sober Housing 

Donating to sober housing can have a profound impact on individuals in recovery and on the community at large. Here are several reasons why donating to sober housing is important:

Supporting Recovery: Sober housing provides a supportive environment for individuals recovering from addiction. By donating, you are helping to maintain and improve these facilities, which can be crucial for individuals seeking to maintain their sobriety.

Preventing Relapse: Sober housing offers a structured and substance-free living environment, which can significantly reduce the risk of relapse for individuals in early recovery. Your donation can contribute to adequately staffing the residences to ensure each and every resident gets the individual case management services they deserve. 

Building Community: Sober housing often fosters a sense of community among residents, providing them with a supportive network of peers who understand their struggles. Your donation can help create and strengthen this community, providing funding for BBQ's, activities, and providing individuals with the social support they need during their recovery journey.

​Investing in Long-Term Recovery: Sobriety is an ongoing journey, and the support provided by sober housing can be instrumental in maintaining long-term recovery. Your donation can contribute to the sustainability of these programs, helping individuals achieve lasting sobriety and rebuild their lives.

Overall, donating to sober housing is a meaningful way to support individuals in recovery and contribute to the well-being of the community. Your generosity can make a tangible difference in the lives of those affected by addiction.


 Donate today! You can make a difference. 

If you are donating by debit/credit card, please be sure to unclick the blue button on the bottom of the page prompting you to "save your info and create a paypal account."

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